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Today's young people face life-threatening challenges on a daily basis—substance abuse, neglect, physical abuse, poverty—the list is far too long. If our youth are to grow up and become productive citizens of society—often if they are to grow up at all – they need a place where they can be just kids. They need caring adults to help them develop the skills and self-confidence to say "no" to dangerous pastimes.The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia offers that—and much more.

As the nation's fastest-growing youth service organization, Boys & Girls Clubs serve millions of young people ages 5-18. Throughout our history, we have always held a special concern for children from disadvantaged circumstances. Our comprehensive youth development programs and services provide young people with the skills to overcome their challenges and become responsible citizens and leaders.

Your investment in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia helps guarantee a strong future for our young people and our nation. We invite you to invest in America's future. The choice is yours, but the rewards are shared by everyone—especially the children who represent America's future.