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Testimonials / Success Stories

"Staff members engage with our youth and support them in multiple ways. We are preparing Club members for the future." David, Staff Member

"It is an honor for me to serve as Club Director and lead an amazing group of young people and dynamic staff. Not everyone is fortunate enough to come to a job they enjoy and be able to learn something new each day. The Club has become a second home and the young people and staff are my family." YaShinda, West Rome Club Director


"I am the mother of four children that attend the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia. My children have been members of the Club since they were eligible in age. What the Boys & Girls Clubs offers for our youth is very impressive. The character building and meaningful exercises teach children about responsibilty.  Lifelong friendships are made and the staff that make it their duty to treat each and every child with love and care. Thank you to all of you." -Brittany Barton

“ ...even if you have disabilities you are still welcome here. Everybody is welcome here. You would make very good friends; you would make them very fast.”
Sydney, Member, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia
“ Power Hour is a good homework time. That way you can play at home all day, and you won’t fail or make an F on your paper. I do my homework right when I walk in the door and I also help other people with their homework.”
Jerrian, Member, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia