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Child Safety

 Boys & Girls Clubs are Committed to Keeping Children Safe

  • Comprehensive background checks for all board, staff, and volunteers
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Annual safety assessment
  • Rigorous safety policies and standards
  • Active, engaged board-led safety committees
  • Annual safety improvement planning and other accountability systems



                                                                   Confidential Help


National Child Abuse Hotline: 800-422-4453 
Provides free 24/7 access for adults and youth to professional child abuse crisis counselors who offer crisis intervention and confidential referrals. 
Child Safety Helpline: 866-607-7233
Praesidium provides employees, volunteers, parents, and youth with anonymous helpline for reporting of suspicious or inappropriate behaviors regarding children. 
Ethics Point Hotline: 866-295-3701
Provides employees, volunteers, and parents anonymous reporting of any unethical or illegal workplace activites. 
Crisis Textline: Text CLUB to 741741
Provides free 24/7 access for adults and youth to confidential support with professional crisis counselors. 
Report to local Child Protective Services: 855-442-4453
Provides 24/7 access for adults and youth local anonymous reporting oif child abuse and/or neglect.